Whoever wants "Isalid", a solution that can not lie

Informing your patients or collecting their consent before starting to process their data is an essential step, but one that is often daunting and not very secure. That's why we designed Isalid, the solution "that can't lie"! 




Isalid is a platform to send information and consent forms to your patient base and to collect their response in a reliable way.


On the technical side, Isalid is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain is a decentralized system for storing and transmitting data in the form of linked blocks. Users connect to it using individual private keys. Each of their actions is saved in the blockchain and protected against modification.

Ethereum is a blockchain that enables the creation of "smart contracts". These define the rules of an agreement between several parties, freeze them in the blockchain and automate the transfer of an asset when the contractual conditions are met.


In the case of information and consent, smart contracts are a way to legally record patients' responses and make them tamper-proof. Patients can always change their response after the fact, but the history of their actions cannot be altered.

Isalid is therefore an advantageous solution for both healthcare professionals and patients:

- Data controllers are confident that they are compliant with the GDPR

- Patients can be assured that their final say will be taken into account





Blockchain and smart contracts still seem complex to you? Be reassured! With Isalid, our goal is to simplify the task for both healthcare professionals and patients. This is why we wanted our solution to be usable by everyone, including computer neophytes! Isalid looks like a classic platform. It is accessible via any search engine, and it is not necessary to know one's private key to connect to it.

On the controller side, you send your information notices or consent requests to your patient base in one click and then follow their status in real time (open, accepted, revoked...). On the patient side, all you have to do is read the form and the information notice, then check boxes to respond to the request and prove that it has been understood. It's child's play!


Blockchain doesn't scare you? Would you like it to be perceptible? We are currently working on the "blockmode", an alternative mode of connection to Isalid that will make the use of blockchain more palpable. For example, the transaction identifiers related to consent will be visible to healthcare professionals.



With Isalid, preserving data integrity is easy!

Published on:
7 Jun 2022
Reading Time:
3 min
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