Our trust manifesto

For a responsible and ethical use of your health data, we are committed.

  • We are committed to use all possible means to ensure the protection and security of the personal health data we process.
  • We are committed to protect the individual rights and freedoms of all patients and healthcare professionals using our solutions.
  • We are committed to the ethical use of patient health data.
  • We are committed to respect and develop the necessary technologies to obtain consent from each individual before processing their health data, and to ensure its traceability.
  • We are committed to ensure that health data is shared in a way that respects the preferences of patients and healthcare professionals, to improve the coordination of care, patient management and support.
  • We are committed to defend a relevant and proven sharing of patients health data.
  • We are committed to be vigilant about the value of your health data and to make you aware of it so that every patient and every healthcare professional can participate.
  • We are committed to the public interest, to contribute to the building of value-added projects for research and to providing a platform for safe use of health data.
  • We are committed to the cause of defending the voice and contribution of patients and healthcare professionals in the use of health data.